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Just buy this product. I can’t recommend it enough. You’re level of understanding will skyrocket.

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Jurisdictionary is hands down the best product available of the layman to understand how court works. While there are a lot of alternative ways to go into court and try to get things to happen, without a proper foundational understanding of what is happening in court, you’re just wasting time.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    I was first introduced to Jurisdictionary as part of the Executive Trustee Training Coaching Program. I had completed a private administrative process with the original creditor of my student loans, and needed to learn how to use the court system in order to enforce my contract, and pursue debt collectors.

    As first, I thought learning everything in Jurisdictionary was going to take an extraordinary amount of time. I had invested many many hours learning about the private administrative process, contracts, and negotiable instruments; and I was really apprehensive about spending months going down a new rabbit hole. I needed to execute.

    As part of the ETT coaching program, I was instructed to get together with other students, break up the different chapters of Jurisdictionary into parts, and work on individual pieces of this course separately. Then we all brought our notes together, shared them, and had a comprehensive study session over Jurisdictionary. Using this method, I gained a good foundational understanding of the American court system in 2 to 3 weeks of studying during my spare time and coming together for a couple of group calls. I am now in the middle of a lawsuit in federal district court, and am litigating as a pro se plaintiff with Jurisdictionary as my foundation.

    My favorite thing about Jurisdictionary is that it is written so a high school student could understand it. If you know the importance of understanding the rules of civil procedure, but are intimidated by studying statutes filled with legalese, Jurisdictionary is a great place to start.

    -Matt Z

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