We have a number of coaching services for people depending on what their goals are. They are enumerated below:

1. Per Process:

This is the fastest method. We will aid you in finding your remedy to your matter through its completion.

2. Training Program:

This is a slower method but more in depth. Its a 4+ month program (we keep adding value) where we use your (and other’s) matter(s) as homework and complete them together while gaining and discussing other skills and principles. This also includes homework outside for your matter if you have one you are working on. The course cost $5000. Visit our F.A.Q. for more details.

3. Phone Coaching.

Phone coaching is $105/hr.  You’re actually charged $1.75/min. You only pay for how much time was actually used. Start dialing.
Note: If no one picks up, always choose the call back option. If not, there is no way to contact you back. The system does not share your information with us.

The Board
1-888-693-8437 ext. 04526436

4. FREE!!!

You have a few choices here:

  • Sign up on the E-mail list; get the Executive Trustee Starter Kit and get newsletter with information sent out weekly.
  • Participate in the Wednesday calls and ask questions (opt-in to email list for reminders)
  • Subscribe to the RSS and get notifications of the latest blog post.
  • View the website; participate in the forum (when we finally get it up); study and execute at your own pace.
  • Follow us on our other social media sites and ask questions there for quick replies.


Now, while we would like to have the ability to help everyone, due to the time intensity of each process, and the fact that we still live in a monetary society where we can’t A4V food yet, the members of the Board need to eat and this is how we sustain our living. Thus, the same way you probably wouldn’t expect a lawyer to give their services away, we probably won’t either 🙂

5. Notary Service

The current price is $200 per process plus postage. The full fee must be paid upfront. Have a notary on your Board of Trustees who won’t be scared off easily. That’s peace of mind! Contact us to get started. Check out the Notary Service F.A.Q. section before you start.

6. Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.)

There are only a few things you really need to understand to handled your own business.

  1. Court. Learn how court works. The rules of court is due process. Check out to get started
  2. Where to look. Whether it’s eliminating credit card debt, getting rid of debt collectors, stopping your wages from being garnished, getting your home free and clear, each topic deals with the elimination of debt in one way or another. Sometimes you just need to know where the information is or how others have used it successfully in the past. Visit

Those two sources cover about 80% of most people’s issues. For the remaining 20% you still have options 1-5.