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Here we are, the new year: 2013 (according to this calendar). We have new knowledge, a new site, a new show, new information, new friends, new experiences, new family members (for some). Lot’s of newness going all the time. With all this newness, do you have a new years resolution? How many years have you been making new years resolutions and how many have come to fruition? Leave a comment with the answers.

I personally don’t believe in setting new years resolutions. To me they are a practice in major procrastination because you have to way until the end of the year to do something when the time is “always, always right now!”

What it is time for right now is a plan. Life is business and in any good business, there is a plan that ties everything together. Every action is measured against the master plan. Before you can have a plan you need to have goals. What are the goals for yourself, your family, your finances? These goals must be written down to really have any power. Your plan must definitely be written down with clear-realistic deadlines. I’m sure it was Brian Tracy that I heard it from: “A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” I wholeheartedly agree with this. With all the newness we mentioned, we must also adopt new ways of being, thinking and acquire new skills to accomplish what we set out to achieve.

So what are your goals for each part of your life? It may take you a month to figure this out and it will be a month well spent. Like most things in life, your plan is not set in stone. Matter of fact, you should always revisit and revise your plan ever so often as things in your life change. If you have a family or just a significant other, then sit down with them and get on the same page and discuss what goals you all have. This is not a time to dominate and make everyone do what you want, or convince them that your goal is the best course of action.

Life is a team sport and just like any successful business, everyone has shared visions/goals. If they are not shared, then the plan will not work. This is also why your views/opinions can not be forced.

We have a lot of ground to cover to get your life business together. It will grueling and demanding at times, but in the end, the peace of mind attained will be more than worth all the effort.

Let’s break down peace of mind briefly. Wikipedia, our favorite quick reference (not main source) says piece of mind is:

The absence of mental stress or anxiety, and the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, comfort of mind; Inner peace.

Sounds right to me. I have a friend who was having issue on a gig she’s working with a site manager. The manager cut her hours for what clearly seemed to be personal reasons. This is a no-no. So we drafted up a nice email. The whole time I was very calm and confident that she’d get her money no matter how the situation turned out: whether a lawsuit or a replacement of the hours. My friend was nitpicking over the smallest things and trying to make sure it was said ‘correctly.’ I just made sure we asked the hard hitting questions that could not be avoided and terms that would have the email forward to the legal team (if they were smart). Here is the beautiful short emails:

I’m confused. What was it in my behavior that will not be tolerated? I am unclear of what I did that causes you to approach me in such a manner. Due to my allergies acting up all of a sudden and not wanting to be unprofessional with mucous hanging out of my nose, I went to the bathroom to clean it up. I’m sure [the company] and the client would not be happy to see or hear about a situation where a simple trip to the bathroom could have avoided an unpleasant site. Mix in a little diarrhea (which I’m sure you understand people aren’t just going to freely volunteer as information), it could have made for a very interesting footprint (the place where the step-up is) experience if not handled correctly. Thus, every time I ha[n]d to take care of either or both, I informed a co-worker that I had to step away. The first time I informed [coworker1] and [coworker2] and the second time I informed [coworker1] and [coworker3]. All will confirm such as I told you during our exchange. Nonetheless, at all times someone knew where I was and things didn’t get interesting. This is also why I’m confused as to why you think I feel superior in any way.

To say the least, since there are no objective justifications for any reduction in hours and this was a mere miscommunication, which should not result in any such actions, I’ll be on site tomorrow.

I hope this clears things up, but if you feel there is still an issue, we can talk to [the company] together at that time to resolve the matter, but I’m sure it won’t need to come to that.

Have a good night

The manager sent a BS message not answering any of the [hard hitting] questions. The Company was cc’d and told my friend not to show up on site. However, before we got the Company’s email we sent the throat jumper that follows:

With all due respect, you still have not explained what behavior was intolerable when there are 3 witnesses to verify the veracity of my communications of me leaving the footprint and going to the restroom. Thus, at this point your actions seem to be indicative of tortuous interference with a contract.

I assume based on the fact that I communicated my whereabouts and your statement that “you enjoy having me on the program and that I am doing a good job”, that you have not taken me off the schedule for any performance reasons.

Since you have already replaced me, I will presume that the hours that were taken from this week will be added to next week.

blah blah blah (niceties)

I look forward to a revised schedule with the hours that were taken being added back in.

Can you point out the principles hidden in each email? Leave them in the comments.

So, what does it take to achieve [ass-kicking] peace of mind like this? Education and discipline. I can only assume this is why you’re here reading this blog. As stated earlier, there is no perfect time to start because there are too many elements and factors to consider. The time is only NOW! Now now now! So let’s get our plans together (we’ll go over this in detail) and handle our business… Like a BOSS!

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3 Responses to “Peace of Mind”

  1. forex factory | February 11, 2013 at 06:17 #

    That was some interesting stuff here on Thanks for posting it.

  2. Eliott | February 5, 2013 at 03:14 #

    1.Asking questions for clarity
    2.not presuming anything
    3.responding in kind to the fact Tay her supevisor said he like having heron the project.
    4.handling the situation in a businesslike manner.And in no uncertain terms stating her position
    When it comes to breach of contract.while maintaining proper ucc decorum..

  3. Matt Z | January 3, 2013 at 14:54 #

    The principles contained in these emails are as follows:

    The first email contains an attempt on the part of your friend to clear up a possible miscommunication. This is the source of most conflicts, and her willingness to clear up understanding on both sides is the first step in trying to amicably solve a conflict. First attempting to solve conflicts in this private manner is expected in a civil society, as resources can easily be wasted, and credibility is shot if one consistently threatens litigation first with every small conflict. Not to mention, a strictly litigious strategy of conflict resolution will not serve to facilitate peace of mind for anyone involved. Also contained in the first email is a notice to the manager that her story can be corroborated by more than one presumably objective witness, establishing verifiability of the story.

    The second email has more teeth. It communicates the manager’s blatant refusal to make an attempt to corroborate your friend’s story with her witnesses before cutting hours without agreement or judgment, and informs the manager of a possible cause of action that could be filed in Court should he choose to ignore your friend’s attempt to amicably settle the matter. You’re right, if the company is smart, this email string should be forwarded to legal as soon as the words “tortuous interference with a contract” were used.

    Your friend is not demanding anything unreasonable, and the company would be wise to settle NOW. They can either grant her the hours and get some labor out of the deal, or rack up legal costs, eventually lose, and pay her anyway if she knows how to bring forth the claim in court competently…….

    ….like a boss.

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