Let’s Define A Good Life [Business]

It’s about time we start getting technical with our topics. We’ve been trying to lay a foundation for you to rest the topics upon,we’re going to cover. We’ve been laying out loose strategies that are applicable to many situations. Though there are many websites, videos and forums that explain many different techniques i.e. A4V, Conditional Acceptance, Bonds, et cetera, E.T. still holds a unique perspective with what we consider more practical ways of handling many of these situations. This is not to say other methods don’t work, but they may be overkill and a waste of resources. Before we jump into the many techniques we’re going to cover, we have one more brick to lay. What does a good Life Business look like? When we mention this in the future, we’ll all be on the same page. With that said, let’s start defining.

A good Life Business consists of maintaining a healthy symbiotic relationship between six (6) elements:

  • Financial stability
  • Legal knowledge
  • Physical health
  • Mental health (philosophies / ideologies)
  • Emotional (stability) / Spiritual
  • Relationships


Living within your means while maintaining a healthy standard of living for your current situations. This is a healthy financial status. Floating is good for now. If you’re floating, then that’s the goal. At minimum, we’re trying to get you to the level of OK. This means having a good debt to income ratio. Your income should be higher then your expenses. Let’s say you have a 20% gap at minimum. So you make 4,000 FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes a.k.a. dollars) a month, then your expenses should be no more than $3,200. We going to cover increasing your income while decreasing your expenses to widen this gap. The ultimate goal is to have passive income to cover 100% of your expenses.


Being comfortable with defending against and administering lawsuits with a good understanding of the court systems and legal processes as a basis to your legal knowledge. This is good legal health. People and or companies are out there to take what you have for whatever reason. Being ready for that is essential when the statistics say 1 in 4 people will be sued at least once in their life. Luckily this element is easy to obtain.


Having a good diet that provides more than enough energy for your day and being in good physical shape,where everyday activities pose no challenge to you. While we will not focus on this a tremendous amount, it plays a vital role in everything as we’ll discuss below.


Having the mental aptitude to manage situations without being easily persuaded by others while avoiding unhealthy ideologies that benefit you in no way. With mental it goes a little deeper but we’ll stop here for now with our definition. Often times you’ll hear me say “Mind your own business!” If you are running around saying the government is evil, how does this benefit you? It doesn’t. If you feel “Big Brother” is always watching you and you are overly paranoid, how does this help you? It doesn’t. When listening to some of the new age legal philosophies, are you easily convinced or do you ask hard hitting questions to break the concepts apart before you dive in blindly because you’re emotionally moved? Having critical thinking skills along with a few other tools will get your mentality to a good status.


A relationship with another person that has minimal stress coupled with a neutral, mutually or positively beneficial factor. Some relationships are neutrally beneficial such as being a friend to someone is a benefit in itself or they would be considered merely a co-worker. A positively beneficial friendship is when one or both parties adds value to the others life. This must be a clear benefit, not something subtle. One or both people are learning valuable skills from the other. Lastly, a detrimental relationship is one that causes stress to either or both people. If you don’t trust this person in major areas, he or she is a bad influence. This person has the ability to push deep buttons and if they often do, then this relationship seems bad for business. It actually took awhile for us to come up with this general definition. Every other element mentioned before is a good foundation for a healthy relationship.

We use the word relationship,as it is broad and covers all types, even arch enemies you may have. Significant other(s), kin, co-workers, parents, business, and even strangers are a part of this definition. While not all may be necessary to keep a healthy level, as an Executive Trustee, you are to have high, not bare, minimum standards.

Any situation you may get into is going to combine of one or more of the elements listed. Remove one or two of them, and things start to fall out of balance. The end product of a good Life business is happiness and this primarily consists of balance. This is our aim and the bedrock for all other goals. Thus the mix of ingredients mentioned equates a good Life Business.

If we take this one step further, say we placed each component on a scale of 1 to 10 with 5 being OK, 5 is the merest. However as stated supra, as a Executive Trustee, our standard is to maintain an 8 in each area. It’s a lot of work in the beginning, especially if you’re stats are below 5. A good Life Business is hard work, but it’s always worth the effort when your reach the goal…peace of mind.

Once you reach the minimal levels of each constituent, then one of your core tasks will be to perpetuate these standards. Good balance equals a foundation to build a great life.

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