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Today, we are going to talk conscious actions. Why do we have the email I.D. that we do and why do we use the internet the way we do. Convenience is the answer. I’ve had many conversations within the tech community with respect to convenience as an attack vector, because it is, but so is ignorance. Face it people, you and I are ignorant to certain things. Drop the B.S. and admit it so we can fill the void with knowledge. This is an easy problem to fix. The hard ones are the issues that we ignore, such as, what ports are open on your machine and why, or what the hell is a port in the first place?


We will first start with email and segregation (in my Dr. Martin Luther King voice) “I have a dream the white hats and black hat will come together in unity and smite the users who go to Starbucks to surf the internet and download porn. I have a dream that the people who go to McDonalds and surf the internet for free have enough sense to use a VPN (virtual private network) back to their secured router at home….” O.K., I think you get my point….O.K. there was no point.



Nico Smith's Internet Security breakdown

With this in mind I want you to first understand in the I.T. world security is in reverse. The perimeter is hardened and the interior gets easier dependent to the least privilege frameworks. But, I want you to do this, go to an area where you won’t be disturbed. Write down all of your email addresses. If you only have one we are going to change this. I want you to group or list them in the following order from most used to rarely used.

In a different area, write down the different uses of email correspondences. i.e.:

  • Intentional Spam and Marketing;

  • Friends and Family;

  • Computer and Cellphone Recovery;

  • Linked in and Facebook;

  • Job and Job Searching;

  • Possible Boyfriends and Girlfriends (yes, I have a email setup for all of these considerations)


That begin the segregation model…take these steps (where applicable):


Step 1.

Download an email client (if you don’t already have one):


For Apple users:

  • You have Mail that comes on most Apple products;

Step 2.

Identify the different types of email correspondences can be combined and create a email address for them. ALWAYS KEEP SPAM AND MARKETING BY THEMSELVES. This is why my real email address is not flooded with things like Prozac and Viagra emails. NEVER COMMINGLE THE FAKE WITH THE NECESSARY EMAILS.


Step 3

Implementation. Take the new sets of email and place them into the email client you selected to download (or already have) in step 1 and ONLY USE THE EMAIL FOR WHAT THEY are intended for.


The correlation between the concentric circles and the emails should be more clear now. The outer most circle is the Marketing and Spam email which can be used and abuse.  This email will be shared with and mostly without my permission. Give as little identifying information as possible with it. The middle circle is the Linkedin and Facebook email address and the innermost circle is for the banking and family (do not accept friends and family as friends on Facebook and Linkedin, actually if you are reading this it should not even come into contact with social media!)


Oh yeah, don’t just click random emailed links. It’s just dumb.

Good Luck…and many things are hard…at first.

Nico Smith


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