Internet Security Solutions pt. 2 of 5

Ok, here it is Day 2 of Nico’s Nerotic Notions Negating Nefarious Nimrods….Online. Today in the world of internet sniffing and lack of boundaries, social or otherwise, I bring you a twofer.


First, I challenge you the reader to think of your behaviors in the public, especially on the buses, trains or wherever you take a magazine or that nice shiny Ipad with you. The first thing that I’d like you to do is look at all of your magazines and politely CUT THE ADDRESS OFF! This simple act is a easy privacy saver. Ladies and gents we might not want freaky jason to appear at our workplace or our homes… regardless of the Great Dane named Tiny that lives there, save yourself the headache.


Do any of you carry around your RSA ID? Do you leave it out? Ipads and the such have such a nice giant illuminated screen, that i can casually walk by and glance thus gathering info. I could just whip out my camera phone and snap a picture of your banking info, Facebook and or whatever you are reading. Go here and spend the 10.00 or 15.00 bucks on a privacy screen. Preventative security is a reliable security. Shoulder surfing is real and people get paid to do it.


Online portion of this program shall now commence….


Browsers browsers browsers….Hey what is wrong with my browser, less should be wrong today because you installed those helpful plugins yesterday I suggested, its not about being paranoid or whether or not you find yourself a target. PREVENTATIVE SECURITY is proactive unlike your antivirus or the police which are REACTIVE, meaning the crime has happened already (no offense to the police). Browsers have cookies and we love our cookies and so do attackers and the like because Snooping and prying is attacking. So I’m sure that I am going to have people out there saying ‘I’ve got nothing to hide,’ and my response is every victim thinks this. I have even less to hide however, I don’t want you to know what my savings account looks like or what things I watch on the internet, why because it’s called privacy. I submit an easier method to maintain privacy requires a little more work, DON’T BE A SHEEP. Here’s what we are going to do about the browser and the cookies we are going to force the computer to browse in private mode only, at the end of the session those sites that we visited are not cached and require a little advanced knowledge to retrieve. The guys at have a great walk through to create this. I think with the combination of this, yesterdays force https we are moving towards a safer environment already.


Then next post will be fun….THANKS FOR READING

Nico Smith


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