Internet Security Solutions pt. 1 of 5

OK trustees, in this 5 part series I will be posting and answering Internet security solutions. Why? Because I think my friends should be as safe as possible. If you don’t care then disregard me and allow me to be another addition of white noise in the television of your life or cut me off.

So, today we are going to help you out with our FRIEND HTTPS.

First, go here to our friends Electronic Frontier Foundation ( They are great trust me. When you are concerned with your internet safety and such these folks are in the trenches… I digress. Go to This is a plugin that allows you to force the websites that you visit to use the SSL secured sockets layer for communication. This does not make you impervious to hackers and individuals that wish your machine a hellacious death, but it does make things a little more difficult.

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure. Encrypt the web: Install HTTPS Everywhere today.

The next post will actually involve more than going somewhere to download a plug in but, for today this is a good start…………Questions?

Nico Smith


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