Internet Security Solution pt. 5 of 5

Final day of security is upon us…. This day we are going to KISS it and say goodby. We often think that the way to being safe online is cumbersome and drawn out…It’s true, it is long and drawn out in the beginning. What I want you, the reader, to do is keep in mind this one simple concept: many things are hard at first but after repeating the act, in time most thing become easier.


Be safe and secure with your connection when you can (which is often if you have a VPN setup). Be aware of the information you give and the possibility of things that can be done with that information. Just because you don’t find value in the information doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.


Email Security is simple, separate the information and leave it in the proper place.

Banking: Banking is good, mobile banking is unsafe and sketchy. Call your bank and request a 5 PIN instead of a 4 PIN access code for your debit.


MAC and PC’s have vulnerabilities, the windows operating system is under major scrutiny because they control such a high percentage of the market. So, don’t believe that because I use a Mac that I am more safe than a person using a PC, if you do you may find yourself in a world of hurt due to complacency.


This may not have been as full as previous posts on the matter but it’s still important to understand.

Nico Smith

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