Executive Trustee F.A.Q.s

Per Process Coaching

Per Process Coaching FAQs

Q1. How much does it cost for each process?

A. Each process varies greatly in the level of involvement. Due to this, everything is taken on a case by case bases. We can say that the usual process will be in the four (4) digit (in front of the decimal point) range.

Q2. Do you take payment plans for Per Process Cases?

A. Generally no. However, we understand that most people don’t have a large sum of cash laying around. We’ll accept a minimum of a third (1/3) of the total payment up front and the final two (2) payments soon thereafter.

Q3. Why does it cost so much?

A. See the story under Q7 in the Training Program tab.

Training Program

Training Course FAQs

Q1. How much is the training program?
A. See services.

Q2. What does the training program consist of?
A. The program consist of a weekly private call with other students, weekly exercises for better understanding and one-on-one sessions with The Board.

Q3. How long is it?
A. The program was originally three (3) months, however it’s continually being expanded so let’s say its at least five (5).

Q4. Are there payment plans?
A. Yes. Call us to discuss the details.

Q5. What happens if I miss a payment or can’t make anymore?
A. Both situations would result in suspension of the training until you complete payment.

Q6. What makes ET Training different than the other coaching course out there?
A. E.T.T. focuses on foundational skills that will help you complete any process effective and efficiently, no matter what school of thought you follow. Because we teach skills and principle over processes and techniques, our training compliments anyone’s training program/process and will aid you in most life matters. When you become an Executive Trustee of your life, you’ll know how to handle you business no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Q7. Why does it cost so much?
A. What is the cost of a happier life? It’s a small price to pay for the time saved from attempting to do it yourself and taking 3-5 years to figure out all the ins and outs and wading through many hours of useless and misinformation. Do you understand what you are paying for if you ask this question? Read the following story for a better understanding:

One day at Widgets Central, the factory floor randomly came to a grinding halt. All the machines stopped  moving. The maintenance workers did everything they could to figure out the problem with no success. They hand no idea what was wrong. They called in a specialist named Curt (who happen to be a very dapper and strapping young man) to fix the problem and he said he’ll be right over. Upon arrival, he looked around the factory for a few minutes, walked into a back room and pressed a button. The whole factory came back to life! The managers and workers were very happy that everything was back in working order. Curt walked up to the manager and handed him a bill for thousands of dollars. The managers said this “This is outrageous! All you did was press a button!” Curt replied “Your not paying me for pushing the button (time), your paying me for knowing which button to push (knowledge).”

Q8. What am I paying for?
A. Knowledge to help you achieve remedy and become self-reliant.

Q9. Can we make a deal of some sort?
A. If you have listened to the Board Meeting called Money and have access to a particular resource (i.e. person who willing to give up property to get rid of bankruptcy or some specific issue, etc) a or posses a certain skill (programming, web design, etc.) we can use, maybe something could be worked out. Contact us via email to inquire. Outside of that, ante up!

Q10. What is the life of an Executive Trustee look like?
A. Think of the skills as background programs. They are there when needed and help avoid issues before they happen. When issue are present, you’ll know to handle them quickly and effectively. The surface of what you’re life looks like is up to you. That’s for you to decide.

Q11. Do you help set up real trusts?
A. We can. However, that is a separate topic all together. Ask yourself is a trust really what you need? If yes, do you have the ability to manage one properly e.g. do you really understand what it takes to deal with one?

Q12. Do you have to have a trust to be an Executive Trustee?
A. No

Q13. Do I need to file any paperwork to be an Executive Trustee?
A. No. Many schools of thought and other random information may allude to / recommend this, but from what we have seen, it is not necessary though paperwork has its place for certain matters.

Q14. Do I need any previous knowledge before joining the training?
A. No, but in order to have an intelligent conversation, we recommend you get the Executive Trustee Starter Kit.

Q15. What methods of payment do you accept?
A. Currently, Paypal, and money orders. We’ll have more options soon.

Phone consultation

Coaching Calls F.A.Q.s

Q1. How do we receive phone coaching?
A. Call the number below and start talking.

The Board
1-888-693-8437 ext. 04526436

Q2. How much is it?
A. See services

Q3. What if I just have a simple question?
A. Call the line or just wait until [every other] Tuesdays for our Board Meeting to ask your question (make sure you’re signed up on the mailing list for reminders). We tend to reserve our time and resources to our clients and have reserved a whole call for everyone else to take advantage of. The information is the same, however the access to The Board is just limited to that call. We treat everyone the same, paying or not.

Q4. Do you accept appointments?
A. Yes. Contact us with a time and date. Then wait for the reply email if that time works or if we need to reschedule a better time.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings (Wednesday Calls)

Q1. Are the calls free?
a. Yes. Take advantage.

Q2. Do I really need to read things before the calls?
a. No. For you to get a full understanding of what we are trying to convey, it would help for your understanding if you did when informed to read or view something.

Q3. Can we download the recordings?
a. Yes. They are available to download for free for two (2) weeks then they goes up for sale. Go to to the EShop and download to you’re heart’s (bandwidth) content.

Notary Service

Notary Service F.A.Q.s

Q1. How many presentments does that include?

A. The length of the process. The usual process is three (3) steps. However, they can start to multiply quickly. The fee covers up to six (5) mailings and you pay for all the postage.

Q2. Do I have pay it all up front or can I pay per mailing?

A. You need to calculate the cost of postage and send it all together.

Q3. Can you notarize affidavits?

A. Only when both when you and the notary are within the state in which the notary resides.

Q4. How much does it cost again?

A. See services.

Q5. Is there anything special I have to do before sending the files to the notary?

A. Yes. All your paperwork must be in order before it is sent to the notary. When you get started, you’ll be sent a document with instructions to follow. You may be charged an extra filing fee if your paperwork is not ready to send when it arrives or it will simply be sent ‘as is’ after you have been contacted with how to proceed. Get An Executive Trustee’s Guide to Mailing to get a full understanding of how it all works with step-by-step instructions.

Q6. Where is the address for the notary so I can get label my envelope properly?

A. You’ll get the notary’s information after payment has been received.

Q7. If you see a mistake, will you correct it?

A. The notary will send the presentment ‘as is’ (as you should have followed the instructions). Unless there is a glaring mistake, the notary will not look over your paperwork in detail. I highly recommend reading: An Executive Trustee’s Guide to Mailing. It will answer all your questions.

Other / Misc

Other / Misc F.A.Q.s

Q1. Can I email you questions?
A. Yes. We will get to the email when we can. We do reserve most of our resources (time in this case) to our clients. Some questions are too detailed for a reply and you’ll probably be invited to the Tuesday Board meeting to ask. If you can’t attend the Board Meeting do to your schedule, then you can always email it as a question for the next meeting and we’ll answer it during the Q&A session of the call. Just be patient.

Q2. Will I go to jail for this stuff?
A. Yes…if you want to. There are risk to everything thing and that is one. However, its not if you know what you’re doing when placed in that situation. Thus, its best to get some coaching before you get into a situation like that.

Q3. I can’t afford the training program, phone coaching or help with a process. What do I do?
A. Join the mailing list; download the Executive Trustee Starter Kit; join in and ask questions on the Tuesday Board Meetings.

Q4. What makes Executive Trustees different than other “gurus”
A. We are not and don’t claim to be “gurus.” We collectively work together to get remedy, whether for ourselves or others.

Q5. How do we set up a seminar with The Board?
A. Contact us via email.

Q6. Can we get a member(s) of The Board on our call?
A. Contact us via email.

Q7. Why are you such an @$$?
A. Don’t project your lack of knowledge, jealousy and frustration onto us. ☺

Q8. Has The Board had success?
A. Yes. Check out our testimonials. However, you must define “success.” Some people want to use the technology to delay things to continue with another plan they have. Some just want revenge, etc. As long as you don’t project your meaning of success, then its still “Yes” based our client’s goals.

Q9. Is there any proof that this stuff works?
A. Go on YouTube, find and get on other “guru’s”/group’s conference calls and you’ll find all the success stories you need. However, we are not in the business of proving things to people. While it’s a valid question / request when paying such a price for this knowledge, we find that no matter how much proof we show people, until they see it for themselves or it happens to them or someone close to them, then that is real proof (as if they are in charge of what real proof is). While we’re not asking to have blind faith, the proof is out there and if you do some due diligence, you’ll find it (if you qualify it as such).

Q10. Can you help with (insert issue here)?
A. Most problems are commercial in nature so, yes.

Q11. Is this guaranteed to work?
A. Does a lawyer guarantee their work? There are too many critical elements to provide such a thing. The process itself works, however the determining factor in you getting your remedy is…YOU.

Still have a question?

For any questions outside of the F.A.Q.s listed supra, contact us.