Ego: You Are Not Important…Yet You Are

Acknowledge that you are not important to many people. In the grand scheme of everything, you are insignificant and anything you bestow upon society, you probably won’t be appreciated for. No one cares (in general) about your dreams, goals, rate you learned something, if you’re the best; if you did it your way and/or on your own. Your opinion don’t mean shit, your income is meaningless; how your kids are doing helps no one…you get the picture. The list of how unimportant you are can go on and on. I just had to bring you down to Earth if no one ever told you. Welcome to reality!

“What’s in it for me (ego)” is the prevailing mantra. Your disposition that you’re important is your ego talking. What you confer may be important, but you are not. Why did you do what you did? Was it for others? Then it was for others, why do you need acknowledgment for it? When you help people, is it for the praise (ego) or to help people? If this is true, will you do the same action and not put your name on it, or let someone else (with an ego issues) take the credit?

You may get some sincere thanks, but its stops there mostly. And what is “thanks?”

thanks: An expression of gratitude.
gratitude: the state of being grateful
grateful: appreciative of benefits received
appreciation: an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude
admiration: delighted or astonished approbation

Looking at the above definitions, I would conclude that “thanks” can be translated to: I am grateful for the benefit I got from you…for nothing and I owe you nothing in return. If one is being paid to do something, they are obligated and need no thanks. Moral obligation is tantamount and no thanks should be required. Uttering “thank you” has seem to become a nugatory phrase that is recited for polite / politically correct reasons.

Political correctness: (adjectivally, politically correct; both forms commonly abbreviated to PC) is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, and age-related contexts, and doing so to an excessive extent. (Wikipedia)

‘Thanks’ is merely an emotion expressed for something that was done. As emotional creatures, this serves a purpose, but usually only from those who are close to us. Outside of this, while appreciated, it doesn’t mean much. ‘Thanks / thank you’ is a trite phrase that has lost most of its meaning. The only way I see for a ‘thank you’ to be worth anything, is if…its worth anything, as in some form of consideration: A payment or reward. But…I digress.

Although all that may be true, you are important. You contribute to society just by being (in general). Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t help with ‘Civil’ Rights by his self. There were tens of thousands of unnamed heroes and heroins  that did played a major role in that movement. Revolutions, while a spotlight may be on a leader, aren’t caused by one person or even a small group of people. There must be followers who also have revolution in their heart to. The ones who are painted as ‘important’ (not saying they were/are not) are simply those at the tipping point of the particular situation.

Nonetheless, tis your presence that people unbeknownst to you, do things. While movements are definitely for the benefit of self, future and current generations, friends, cultures, etc, serve as an additional driving force. However, these people are still unimportant as people mainly care about what was bequeathed. As an illustration, who invented the stove? I rest my case.

Moreover, is your ego saying being ‘unimportant’ means being worthless? Furthermore, do we do things to help others only to help ourselves? Hmmm… If all is one and one is all, then yes. We all need one another which makes each person is very important. Many people strive to make others lives  better all the time. We all serve a purpose and what that may be is up to you. There is a duality that exist in many situations and here is no different. Nobody cares, yet everyone does. That’s just the way…it is.

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