Ego: I Want It My Way

Ego is the initial topic is due the correlation that the bigger the ego the less likely it is that one will understand the knowledge being passed on from others. In other words, how can one learn when their cup is already full? With the giving of material, why is one so concerned with how it’s delivered? Does the way information is communicated affect how it’s received? Absolutely! Although this may be true, ego is what takes things “personally” and hinders learning. As I see it, in the event that the information is being delivered in an undesirable way, either, go experience the joys and hardships of independent study or find an alternate educator . Catering to every one’s style of study impedes everything and becomes counter productive in the grand scheme of things.

To demonstrate, I recall a lady saying she feels like she’s being scolded when learning from Gordon Hall (a well known teacher of contract law). In contrast, who feels like that? She did. Can Gordon make her feel a certain way or did she allow herself to perceive the lesson in that manner? In reality, he was or was not scolding her. Comparatively, “I feel like an idiot when (insert situation here)” sounds like a personal problem also. When discipline of the ego is obtained, consequently learning will be easier.

In the same fashion, some call me blunt. What this comment may actually imply is: “Truth hurts and I’d rather you ease me into the information you are giving and to consider my opinion on the subject and how I feel it should be taught to me and at the pace I like.” One with a lesser ego would simply shut up (who thinks that term is too harsh? Ego.), and listen. Ask questions but don’t question the one educating you. If you comprehended what you sought; what the educator was saying or their perspective then he/she wouldn’t be elucidating with you.

In the end, if edification must be of custom design, be inclined to pay for the tailor fit or go edify thyself. With this in mind, yes, it’s true that people learn different ways and yes, people learn at their own rates. These aspects have not been overlooked, nonetheless the world doesn’t evolve around you and your way. All things considered, there usually isn’t enough time to teach you your way and at your rate as most people are devoid of governance over their ego. In all likelihood, you will probably be the average learner and not smarter than everyone else (what evidence makes you feel you are?). Correspondingly, stop thinking you learn faster than most. First, the rate at which people acquire that particular subject must be known. Secondly, the average progress in which people learn must be obtained. It is highly improbable that this knowledge has been gathered. Being that you did have that information, you would probably be proficient with that body of knowledge already.

In the final analysis, unless you have a firm awareness on a similar erudition, assimilation will be at an ordinary pace.

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