Do You Need An Administrative Process?

Lots of people’s first reaction to an unfavorable situation is to whip out an administrative process, get a notary and fire it off. While there is nothing wrong with this, my question to everyone is: Is this necessary for everything?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have the authority or an interest to demand anything?
  2. Do you need a notary to send your process out for you?
  3. Are you using a template with your process? If so, is it the right one?
  4. Is your process filled with threats you’re not willing to back up (hoping the threat alone will get you remedy)?
  5. Is a lawsuit better?
  6. Are you prepared to follow through to the end with your process (see question 4)?
  7. Do you know how to win in court? (Check out our post on Jurisdictionary)
  8. Is the admin process the best weapon of choice for your current situation?

Check out the video for thoughts on these questions. Then share with us your experiences with the admin process in the comments.


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