Credit Privacy Numbers? What’s that?

After being down for a few days, which set us back on our schedule, we’re back with another video. During our time away, I was introduced to something (again) called a Secondary Credit Number. My friend called me up and told me that after a year of dealing with them, he’s comfortable selling them and wanted to extend the opportunity to me because I’ve helped him for so many years with any information he needed. After we talked for about 30 minutes, I was also convinced that everything was legit, however I still had to do my own due diligence. What a ride! This is such a controversial number! People just flat out say it’s illegal, other say it’s used all the time. It’s very hard to come to a solid decision on what to think.

Nonetheless, with a little critical thinking and legal understanding, what was and was not said in many of the videos and articles became apparent to me. I think my search will continue as I try to falsify the CPNs legitimacy. During my exploits, I’ve come to find out the number also goes by other names (in the order I learned them):

  • Secondary Credit Number
  • Credit Profile Number
  • Credit Privacy Number
  • Credit Protective Number

We’re going to go over the many issues surrounding the number, but for now, how about an overview. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve launched a new section on our site. Here is where we will continue to explore the in’s and out’s of CPNs. Check it out: The CPN Academy.


Leave your comments about what you think about the number? Is it a tool or too good to be true?

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