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What is a CPN?

Credit Privacy Number / Credit Profile Number (CPN) / Secondary Credit Number (SCN). These all mean the same thing and for the sake of brevity, we’ll use the term Credit Privacy Number.  A Credit Privacy Number is 9 digit number that’s given out in place of one’s social security number for financial purposes. It’s used to protect one’s social security number and any personal & financial information that may be connected to it. Since CPNs are connected to you SSN, it’s not associated with any of your past transactions. CPNs are basically blank financial slates that can be use to build credit or apply for credit.

Is it Legal?

Yes CPNs are legal. In fact the FBI states on its website the following about CPNs:

Currently, federal law allows individuals to legally use CPNs for financial reporting and protects those individuals who do not wish to disclose their SSAN. Individuals who acquire CPNs are completely responsible for any debt they incur using this number.


CPNs are used due to the Privacy Act of 1974 Title V, Sec. 7(a) which legally allows you to refuse to give your social security number government and private institutions.

The following section originally was part of the Privacy Act but was not codified; it may be found at § 552a (note).

Sec. 7(a) (1) It shall be unlawful for any Federal, State or local government agency to deny to any individual any right, benefit, or privilege provided by law because of such individual’s refusal to disclose his social security account number.


They’re generally used by high powered politicians, celebrities and people under witness protection. However, you too are entitled to CPNs and the benefits it can provide like a second chance at establishing good credit.


What can a CPN do for you?

  • Establish good credit while you repair your other obligations under your SS#.

  • Add a layer of identity theft protection

  • Gain housing, student loans, car loans and host of other services.

  • Be used to build an excellent credit score rapidly.


What sets CPN Academy Apart?

CPNs can be acquired from multiple outlets. Many of these websites provide very vague information, copied and pasted from other equally vague and unhelpful websites. Some of these sites even display fake testimonials like someone actually took a professional photograph and sent it in. C’mon.

A CPN can create a blank financial profile however, if you’re not careful, past credit mistakes can become attached to it and ruin your possibilities of new credit rating.  A person is only allotted one CPN. Once your new credit rating is ruined, there’s no starting over.

CPN Academy specializes in protecting you from the pitfalls that can ruin you second (and final) chance at good credit. We not only provide CPNs but educate you on how to properly utilize them. Our site provides:

  • Detailed articles, worksheets, pdf’s and videos

  • A wide array of FAQ’s

  • Quizzes to test CPN management skills (coming soon)

  • And a Double Money Back Guarantee*
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