ETBM#51 – Budgeting

April 3, 2013 Board Meeting: Description: This call we covered budgeting. How to create one; what information is needed; how much information is needed and what the numbers tell you. We used a caller’s personal information to fit his budget to his goals and point out the pitfalls the numbers helped us avoid.

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ETBM#50 – WTF Is A Credit Privacy Number?!

March 20, 2013 Board Meeting: Description: We discuss what a credit privacy number is (a.k.a. credit profile number, credit protection number, secondary credit number), what it isn’t, the scam that surround it and how to use it so you can have a second chance at credit. Just nuts and bolts on this call. Then the […]

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ETBM#49 Asset Protection & Tax Shelter Overview

March 6, 2013 Description: In this call we got technical and discussed generally how asset protection and tax shelters can be used. At the start we went over the basic entity types and the pros and cons of each. We use an example from a caller’s business to make it more relevant. During the topic […]

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ETBM#48 Obligations?! To Whom?

February 21, 2013 Description: We discussed the importance of understanding that you have no obligations to anyone in the world and when you choose to obligate yourself to someone, it is much more meaning full than if someone feels they have to be obligated. With this understanding that you have no obligations, we talked about […]

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ETBM#43 Like a Boss!

December 12, 2012 Board Meeting: Description: Like a Boss! Watch Lonely Island’s video Like A Boss! below first then jump into the call if you don’t already know what the video is.

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