Board Meetings


Alas, the long awaited and formally private (Sunday) Wednesday Call is here. From stowaway to Captain… “We’re on a boat!” Join us every Wednesdays 8:00P.M. CST for a fly on the wall perspective of The Board’s meetings. The topics covered shows one how to become an executive trustee of their life.

We enter the twilight that lies beyond the ambiguities of the basics but not quite into commonly desired technical “how-to” aspect of “paperwork”. As an executive trustee, we must be practical in our application and understanding of what’s happening on this “big blue watery road” call Admiralty, with a compass called contracts to show one how to handle their business as trustees for our beneficiaries.

Call: 218-862-1300
Code: 155845
Time: Wednesdays @ 8PM CST

All hands on deck.

The Board

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