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Is The Credit Privacy Number A Scam?

As stated before, the credit privacy number (a.k.a. secondary credit number, credit profile number, credit protection number) is a very controversial topic. Many feel it’s scam while others just say it’s flat out illegal, though they have no evidence to support their claim. In this video, we cover more of the scam aspects surround the […]

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Handling Your Credit Cards

For those of us who continue to use credit cards, here is a way to take control gain more leverage. In the video, I give you a script that will attempt to increase your limit, decrease your interest rates and eliminate any annual fees that you have. The negotiations needed are built in the script. […]

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Jurisdictionary Review

Background on Product: Jurisdictionary was created by Dr. Frederick D. Graves who has been a lawyer since 1986. The product has been around since 1997 and seems to be the only product of it’s kind.       Product Claim(s): Jurisdictionary teaches people how to win in court, with or without a lawyer. It explains […]

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Let’s Define A Good Life [Business]

It’s about time we start getting technical with our topics. We’ve been trying to lay a foundation for you to rest the topics upon,we’re going to cover. We’ve been laying out loose strategies that are applicable to many situations. Though there are many websites, videos and forums that explain many different techniques i.e. A4V, Conditional […]

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