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Whose Rules?

What would like to eat? Last night, I was the photographer for a pub crawl in my area. We were taking pictures for free to reap the benefits of being an insider with many of the local businesses. One of the bars involved in the pub crawl was also a restaurant. The owner/cook (I can’t […]

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Got Life?

THE DECISION The other morning, I got a call on the hotline from a woman named Shakira (I’m guessing it’s spelled like this. Women can get touchy about this kind of thing!). She wanted to see if it would be good to start handling a situation she has now because she is leaving the country […]

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Etymology App

Etymology: etymology n. (pl. etymologies) an account of the origins and the developments in meaning of a word. – DERIVATIVES etymological adj. etymologically adv. etymologist n. etymologize (or etymologise) v. – ORIGIN ME: from OFr. ethimologie, via L. from Gk etumologia, from etumologos student of etymology, from etumon, neut. sing. of etumos true’. etymology noun […]

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