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Darth Vader. Taking over the universe like a boss!

Use [the] Force!

Use the force I have a friend who is very intelligent and also very militant (at times I call him an elitist, which he doesn’t deny). He would always say to me that he feels that we need to force everything upon the masses for their own good. In the beginning I would say he’s […]

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Bonsai App

The purposes of bonsai are primarily contemplation (for the viewer) and the pleasant exercise of effort and ingenuity (for the grower). By contrast with other plant cultivation practices, bonsai is not intended for production of food, for medicine, or for creating yard-size or park-size gardens or landscapes. Instead, bonsai practice focuses on long-term cultivation and […]

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Jesus with a shotgun

Are You A Moral Terrorist?

If we dig into our dictionary app and look up and start breaking down the term “Moral Terrorist” we’ll find: mor·al /ˈmôrəl/ adj. Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. ter·ror·ist /ˈterərist/ n. A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. ter·ror·ism […]

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Dictionary icon

Dictionary App

Diction • n. 1) the choice or use of words in speech and writing. 2) the style of enunciation in speaking or singing Origin C16: Latin from dictio(n-) from dicere “to say.” Dictionary • n a book that list the words of a language in alphabetical order and gives their meaning or the equivalent in […]

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Peace of Mind

Here we are, the new year: 2013 (according to this calendar). We have new knowledge, a new site, a new show, new information, new friends, new experiences, new family members (for some). Lot’s of newness going all the time. With all this newness, do you have a new years resolution? How many years have you […]

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