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Ego: I Want It My Way

Ego is the initial topic is due the correlation that the bigger the ego the less likely it is that one will understand the knowledge being passed on from others. In other words, how can one learn when their cup is already full? With the giving of material, why is one so concerned with how […]

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What is Ego?

“What is ego?” A problem defined is half solved as the saying goes. How can one eliminate ego without knowing what it is? Do we want to eliminate it? Is it really the problem or it can be a problem? One of its definitions is as such: The part of the mind that mediates between […]

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The Enemy…Ego?

I have been stuck on where to start with these writings. These articles are the foundational information we will continually point back to when describing things as to not be redundant. After some thought, and going back and forth between a few ideas in mind, ego comes first. The topics refer to the same subject […]

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